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A bird in the Office is worth two in the home

 Why is it that people you spend everyday with at work become more attractive, but if you’re in a long-term relationship they become less attractive?

I have seen it so often in my office where a girl who I originally think is completely asexual, after a while I start to think  ‘well maybe after a few beers, who knows?’

I can even pick it now when a new girl comes into the office. I’m like, “well she’s a 5 now, but she’ll be a solid 7.5 in 3 months”.


It’s the complete opposite though in a relationship. In the beginning, you’re so excited to see her half-naked, even a bit of side boob or lingerie action will keep you going for weeks. Then, after about a year she could be walking around naked rubbing lotion into her skin and you are far more worried about missing the handball segment on the Sunday Footy show.

What was Eric Benet thinking?
What was Eric Benet thinking?

You can see it in celebrity relationships most dramatically. Eric Benet marries Halle Berry and then after a few years he’s like, ‘nah she’s not doing it for me anymore, i’m gonna hit this other young hottie’.





I'll beat you with my umbrella, ella, ella...

Chris Brown lays the beat down on Rihanna. Now you know if she was a co-worker rather than his girlfriend he would’ve been super smooth “Forever” Chris Brown, rather than “Bobby Brown” Chris Brown. A girlfriend like Rihanna starts off at a 9 and works her way down to about a 4.5 over a long enough timespan.


 Classic example, Bill Clinton cheats on his wife Hilary Clinton, with ugly co-worker Monica Lewinsky. Monica was definitely a 5 when she started, but I’m sure after a few months Bill was talking himself into the fact that she’s an 8.5 and it’s worth risking his presidency, marriage, legacy and the state of the free world for a blow-job from a subordinate.

Bye Bye respect and public standing              lewinsky

Bye Bye respect and public standing
 That’s the affect of the office.

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