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NFL 2009 bold predicitons

The Oakland raiders will be the surprise team of the year.

Michael Vick makes up a brand new offensive scheme called the Wild Dog


Tony Romo starts to secretly date Lucy Liu. tmz.com snaps the first official  pictures

tony romo

Terrell Owens will get shot but not seriously injured. Kind of like the first time Tupac got shot but still came out of the hospital the same day kind of injured.


An Australian  finally win a super bowl ring.

afl nfl

The Detroit Lions will win a game this year.

Mark Sanchez will be ROY and his Jets will challenge New England for the division championship.

Neither the Steelers nor the Patriots will reach the super bowl.
The Vikings will win the super bowl, then Brett Farv raah will retire then un-retire before retiring and un-retiring from the NFL just after training camp finishes


Chad Ocho Cinco gets suspended for an over extravagant and highly inappropriate touchdown dance. Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers twitters “that’s wack, ocho I got yo back!” Ocho Cinco see’s this and since he has some free time on his hands he flys down to L.A and catch a Lakers game and sits courtside next to Jack Nicholson.

ochocinco jack nicholson


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White guys finish last

Enough to scare any team off drafting a white guy

Enough to scare any team off drafting a white guy

Q. When was the last time a white, American college star, has been a starter on an NBA Champion?

A. John Paxon (1992 Bulls)

Why is it that white guys coming out of college just can’t cut it in the NBA anymore? Look at the amount of great white players over the last 30 years: McHale, Bird, Stockton, West, Walton…but now?

Think of some of the lottery picks!

2006 – Pick 3 Adam Morrison (Charlotte)

Pick 11 J.J. Redick (Orlando)

2004 – Pick 8 Luke Jackson (Cleveland)

Pick 12 Robert Swift (Seattle)

Pick 14 Kris Humphries (Minnesota)

YIKES! What a year!!!

2000 – Pick 7 Chris Mihm (Chicago)

Pick 9 Joel Przybilla (Houston)

It seems white guys, in the NBA, do indeed, finish last..

Indiana knew all this and still drafted this guy?

Indiana knew all this and still drafted this guy?

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Ricky Rubioooooohsnaps!

Q: Enlighten me on the Ricky Rubio case from the last week’s NBA draft – looks messy!
Ricky Rubio is having a ball

Ricky Rubio having a ball

A: Rubio is an 18 year old phenom from Spain. In the gold medal game he lead Spain back from the brink against the US with Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Jason Kidd as his opponents. He hurt his wrist just before halftime and looked to be out for the rest of the match, instead he played the second half left-handed and had only one turnover
Kid’s a jet.
He didn’t want to go to Memphis because he’s been told by other Spaniards they’re a terrible organisation. OKC didn’t draft him because one of their young stars plays the same position and begged them not to draft him. Sacramento didn’t draft him because….they’re stupid, so he slipped inexplicably to pick 5. Minnesota get a steal, then they pick Johnny Flynn next, the second best point guard in the draft. Replace everything I said above with Rubio for Flynn, they’re carbon copies.
So now Rubio is bummed because it looks like the organisation has no faith in him and he doesn’t want to live in a freezing city like Minnesota and talks about staying in Spain for the next couple of years until his rookie contract expires. This means Minnesota are now in a position where they traded 2 of their best 4 players (Foye and Miller) to Washington for a draft pick who may never play for them! Best case scenario seems to be a trade, maybe to NYK where he would be amazing under D’Antoni.

Messy indeed.

bumblebee mans reaction to the news

bumblebee man's reaction to the news

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