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NFL 2009 bold predicitons

The Oakland raiders will be the surprise team of the year.

Michael Vick makes up a brand new offensive scheme called the Wild Dog


Tony Romo starts to secretly date Lucy Liu. tmz.com snaps the first official  pictures

tony romo

Terrell Owens will get shot but not seriously injured. Kind of like the first time Tupac got shot but still came out of the hospital the same day kind of injured.


An Australian  finally win a super bowl ring.

afl nfl

The Detroit Lions will win a game this year.

Mark Sanchez will be ROY and his Jets will challenge New England for the division championship.

Neither the Steelers nor the Patriots will reach the super bowl.
The Vikings will win the super bowl, then Brett Farv raah will retire then un-retire before retiring and un-retiring from the NFL just after training camp finishes


Chad Ocho Cinco gets suspended for an over extravagant and highly inappropriate touchdown dance. Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers twitters “that’s wack, ocho I got yo back!” Ocho Cinco see’s this and since he has some free time on his hands he flys down to L.A and catch a Lakers game and sits courtside next to Jack Nicholson.

ochocinco jack nicholson


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Take two

Michael Vick’s heading to Philly, well, well, well – from this sports fan, that’s great news! Sure enough he has done some bad things, if by bad you think, not paying a parking ticket, stealing from the locker room, even DUI… then I’m afraid you are so far off the mark its not worth mentioning, however he is back, he’s done his time, he’s remorseful for what he’s done, and more importantly he’s getting a second chance!

Vick in happier days

Yes, the great second chance, does everyone deserve one, probably not, do sports stars that bring fans to the games, inspire kids to get up and do something, and achieve that goal all commissioners desire, turn the sport they play into entertainment, then yes, they deserve a second chance!  If Michael Vick is getting the biggest second chance then who else playing elite sport has also been given a second chance? Lets have a look, from a down under perspective.

A name that springs immediately to mind is Ben Cousins of the AFL. MVP, Premiership medal, club captain, cast out of the game he loves for 12 months due to drug addiction he hung on for dear life as his name was the last read out on pre-season draft day.  In true champion style he has been the shinning light of a dismal team enduring a dismal year!


Ricky Pointing isn’t a name you immediately think of when considering second chances, but the fiery Tasmania with the second most important job in Australia was at a cross roads when he decided to let his fists do the talking at the Bourban and Beef House a number of years back, calls for his baggy green to be handed in at the time look a little misconceived now!


A nasty bouncer…

Sticking with the willow, how many second chances can one star performer get? Just ask Shane Warne, the man capable of turning a ball on, let alone making it spin was afforded several second chances during his career that was sprinkled with text message controversy and marriage breakdown – did Australia’s ‘sporting’ public care? No, they didn’t!


At the end of the day, socially and morally everyone is responsible for their own actions. This is essentially what society is built upon, the second chance is what makes sport, and sports stars enjoyable to watch!

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